“This is an excellent book. Learning in school and training in residency may not always lead to the correct answer. We, as physicians, must always question that the obvious answer may not be correct. Medicine is a career of learning, unlearning, and learning anew as new diseases and cures are discovered. We should never avoid questioning a diagnosis or treatment as was well demonstrated by this book.” -Mark Tuttle, MD

This book possessed me” I just received the book in the mail, opened it, glanced inside to see how it begins. Did not move until I finished it. Definitely the author’s narration is hypnotic. It is taking some time to return to my normal state of mind. This may sound weird but I am describing as best I can what I have just experienced. I have been a psychotherapist for more than 30 years and I have written several self-help books. And I have read many, many more. Sherry Genga’s The Shattered Oak is like nothing else I have read with the one exception being the novelist, William Styron. This book is only 120 pages. Regardless of your motivation, I suggest that you read it.-Thom Rutledge, author of Embracing Fear. Tennesee

“The Shattered Oak is amazing.  It has helped many women who have walked through the doors of DreamLife Recovery.  It is one of my most borrowed books.  After our clients read it we spend about an hour together processing its contents.  Women speak of similarities in their stories and comment on how it is helping them heal from the trauma of domestic violence that lead to their substance misuse/abuse.  This book has become a valuable resource for me.”
Amy Rhoades MSW, LSW, BSN, RN, Doctoral StudentV.P. of Clinical ServicesDreamLife Recovery-Indiana Pennsylvania

“This true story unveils a deep and emotionally laden journey into the web of chronic illness, how our past influences our present and embrace of love and strength by an amazingly beautiful and faith-filled woman and mother. Truly a labor of love. ” -Barbara Meyer

“Excellent book!” I saw this book posted on Cushing’s disease group listed on Facebook and had to have it. My daughter gave it to me as a present for Christmas. I am so glad I was able to get a copy. I feel like it help me so much. I walked beside Barbara in this book. I saw everything she saw. The oak tree, I cried. This book helped me accept that nothing I did was my fault. Love to you and thank you. Rowanna Fry-Australia

“The most powerful personal story I have read on someone who is going through the emotional breakdowns after domestic violence. Worth the read.” – Charles Anderson

“A riveting story about mental illness and a mother’s determination to fight her demons on the road to recovery.” – Alan L. Difrancesco

“Mental illness is still a dirty word. Emotional and physical abuse are still something we hide. Put the two of these together and you enter the explosive narrative that is Barbara’s world. I recognized pieces of myself, and parts of those around me. It is an insightful book that removes the shame and secrecy for anyone suffering through illness and abuse. There is help-and if you recognize the symptoms- be that one person to stand up. It can be not only empowering to someone living Barbara’s life, but to someone who knows a “Barbara”. Must Read” -Joyce Lord-Jakobsen

“Loved the book…Amazing true story.” – Janise Leighton Brouwer

“Such a powerful story of a journey through a difficult life- challenges faced, struggles overcome, healing achieved. Great read for anyone who has ever faced obstacles in their life.” -Joliene Deskus

“Gives you a insight to abuse and mental health. Amazing what one can endure and how one can over come abuse to find happiness. A must read – you’ll never look at trees the same way again.” -Amazon customer

A powerful story of domestic abuse, mental health and a long, difficult journey towards freedom This is a powerful story of a woman who traveled an extremely difficult road filled with dysfunction and abuse. The strength that she empowered within herself was beaten down at the hands of her once hoped – “prince charming”. Life plays cruel tricks on those who seek to escape a turbulent upbringing filled with neglect and a lack of love or caring. Out of the frying pan and into the fire Barbara continued to travel this difficult journey alone and lonely with the whole world around her at the same time. As mental illness is now her new partner in crime she plummets down a dark road of depression, suicidal thoughts and defeat as she is trying desperately to be a good mother to her 3 young girls. As time moves on the years of domestic abuse take their toll and she breaks. This story embodies the journey of a woman who continued to fight even when there was no fight left in her body. She somehow found the strength and courage to prove to herself and all who loved her that she was willing to do what it takes to save herself. This is a powerful read with many important messages.” – Lisa Zarcone Mass.

“I just finished reading The Shattered Oak by Sherry Genga. This is a book that gives insight to domestic abuse, divorce, attempted suicide and misdiagnosis of mental illness. As I’m reading this book of this woman’s life the pain she endured as a child is disturbing. She was neglected by her dad because of an unknown reason until later on in her life. As she becomes an adult she marries her “prince charming” but due to being in love doesn’t realize the signs till later, and instead of being treated like a queen, feels more like an opponent fighting for her life to survive. Her prince charming is a man who is physical and emotionally abusive, and it takes a toll on her. After getting divorced, she tries to commit suicide, thank god she survives. Later on in her life she is sent to a mental facility due to her suicide attempts and she gets misdiagnosed and not until later does the nurse realize she is suffering due to the domestic abuse she endured and given the proper treatment to recover.  As I read this book, the author brings the emotions of the character to life and truly brings awareness to domestic abuse.” – Yehuda Ahronov Yabook Critic NY

This is an extremely touching book, shedding light on the whole ar …

“This is an extremely touching book, shedding light on the whole array of feelings, emotions, and thoughts of a woman who is suffering from parental neglect, domestic abuse, isolation and then physical illness. This arduous journey of such a strong woman reflects the injustices of relationships in this world. Her journey marks the end with positivity, resilience, and compassion. Ms Genga has penned it beautifully.” –Hena Jawaid Australia